Maple Glen, PA Dentist

“Over ten years ago, we started this long journey with Creighton Dental School. After many student dentists, some getting lost in the system, some oohing and ahhing and hemming and hawing, we finally got a dentist with a “git ‘er done” attitude. She has worked diligently and overtime for the past two years, solving problems that couldn’t be solved, pushing people who needed to be pushed, coming up with solutions that were never thought of before and today, one week before her graduation, the journey is over. She has seen us through white-knuckle trips to Omaha in blizzards and ice storms, through sickness and in health, and now through the police chase through the Creighton area yesterday. She has worked long hours after her day should have been up and many, many weekends making everything fit just perfectly. Congratulations, Rachel, on your upcoming graduation, your brand new engagement, and best wishes as you travel to your new home and new life. Thank you ever so much for getting this done and ending what had turned into a dental nightmare. We will never forget you!”
-Linelle F.